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Research Studies

2001 Roaring Fork Watershed State of the Rivers Report
2001 Basalt Stormwater Study
2002 Fryingpan River/Ruedi Economic Study
2002 Fryingpan/Roaring Fork River Literature Review
2003 Fryingpan/Roaring Fork Fisheries Study
2003 Glenwood Springs Stormwater Study
2006 Roaring Fork Stream Flow Survey Report
2006 Roaring Fork Watershed Water Quality Report
2006 Fryingpan River Macroinvertebrate Study
2007 Brush Creek Water Quality Study
2007 Roaring Fork Watershed Inventory
2007 Report on BOR's May 2006 Ruedi Reservoir Release
2008 Seven Castles Sediment Inflow on Fryingpan River Report
2008 State of the Roaring Fork Watershed Report
2010 Thompson Divide Macroinvertebrate Report Executive Summary
2011 Thompson Divide Water Quality Report Executive Summary

2011 Roaring Fork Watershed Macroinvertebrate Study 
2011 Roaring Fork Watershed Macroinvertebrate Study Summary 

2012 Site Recommendations for Stream Discharge Gaging on Top Tier Priority Reaches in the Roaring Fork Watershed  
2012 Stream Gage Needs Workshop Report 
2012 Drought-Year Baseflow Monitoring on Select Reaches in the Roaring Fork Watershed

2012 Snapshot Assessment of the Roaring Fork Watershed -
2012 Coal Basin May Workshop Final Report
2012 Brush Creek Focused Water Quality Assessment
2012 Upper Roaring Fork River Aquatic Life Use Assessment
2012 Crystal River and Coal Basin Aquatic Life Use Assessment

2014 Technical Report: Water Rights Allocation and Accounting model Development for the Lower Crystal River - NEW
2014 Brush Creek Stream Health Survey-  NEW

2014 South Fork of Dutch Creek Pilot Project Report NEW
2014 Thompson Divide Supplemental Water Quality Report

Roaring Fork Watershed Plan Documents
2008 State of the Roaring Fork Watershed Report
2008 Phase II Guidance Document: Why the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan Matters
2010 Phase II Guidance Docuemnt: Illuminating the Way Ahead
2010 Fostering Implementation of the Roaring Fork Watershed Plan
2011 Front Range Water Supply Planning Update
2012 Opportunities for Water Conservation report
2012 Roaring Fork Watershed Plan

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