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Roaring Fork Valley residents are lucky to live in an area that is dominated by high water quality. To ensure that it stays that way, and to locate the areas that need our help, Roaring Fork Conservancy is performing water quality testing and analysis throughout the watershed. Currently, sampling is conducted on a periodic basis at 30 sites around the watershed including numerous sites along the Roaring Fork as well as many of its tributaries.

Another way Roaring Fork Conservancy monitors water quality concerns is through calls and emails from valley residents. In this way citizens can help us respond to problems as they arise. Although Roaring Fork Conservancy does not regulate or enforce water quality laws and codes, we often have the contacts to help citizens report problems such as spills and illegal discharges, to the proper authorities. To report a spill, illegal discharge, or any other water quality concern, contact us by calling (970) 927-1290.

Working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife's River Watch Program, Roaring Fork Conservancy's volunteer and student-collected data contributes to a state-wide water quality database. With this information, coordinated management practices are implemented and specific water quality concerns are addressed. Using this data, Roaring Fork Conservancy published the first State of the River Report in 2001 summarizing water quality around the watershed. A second report, the 2006 Water Quality Report, looked at the previous five years worth of data and identified areas of concern, including Cattle, Brush, and Fourmile Creeks, and the lower Crystal River.

Local data is collected by valley students and teachers through River Watch, by Stream Team volunteers from the community, and by Roaring Fork Conservancy staff. To learn more about how you can be involved in Roaring Fork Conservancy's Water Quality Monitoring program click on the Volunteer link above or email our Water Quality Coordinator.

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