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Roaring Fork
Watershed Plan Purpose
To plan for and work toward an environmentally and economically healthy watershed that benefits all who have a stake in it.

Ruedi Water & Power Authority

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Roaring Fork Conservancy

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Watershed Plan
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Watershed Planning Beginning to End
Beginning in 2005, the Roaring Fork Watershed planning efforts began to take shape. By April 2012 the plan was completed with over 200 recomended actions. Now implemention of the urgent recomended actions have begun. To learn more about the entire process from then until now, click here.

'Eddy' is His Name - Watershed Plan Branding
Roaring Fork Watershed PlanRoaring Fork Conservancy, Ruedi Water and Power Authority, and Kootenay Resources released the completed Roaring Fork Watershed Plan and branding (by Schwener Design Group) for the Plan April 12, 2012. Heather Tattersall is the winner of the naming contest for the character to the right with "Eddy". 

Opportunities for Water Conservation Report Released
Opportunities for Water Conservation ReportThe research and recommendations presented in this report arose from the desire among local interests in the Roaring Fork Watershed to understand how water conservation efforts could be used to improve local streamflows. The report – completed by Roaring Fork Conservancy with funding from Garfield County and the Pitkin County Healthy Rivers and Streams Fund – has its origins in a commonly heard local question: “Why hasn’t Roaring Fork Conservancy engaged in a water conservation campaign to improve streamflows?” Generally, the reason has been because in Colorado water conservation raises a host of complicated legal issues, such as abandonment, waste, and potential injury to other water users. Yet such legal barriers do not change the fact that conservation efforts are likely to prove essential to ensuring adequate streamflows in the Roaring Fork Watershed. For more Roaring Fork Watershed Plan documents visit

Opportunities for Water Conservation Report - April 12, 2012 (.pdf)  

Roaring Fork Watershed Plan Complete!
Roaring Fork Watershed PlanThe Roaring Fork Watershed Plan has been finalized! The Watershed Plan consists of a number of sections including an introduction and overview, recommendations for urgent actions, recommendations applicable to water quality, water quantity and regional water management, and a discussion of implementation. The matrices, which arrange the recommendations in a sortable format, divide the recommendations into several categories which allow for examining the recommendations from a number of perspectives such as location, key entities and recommendation type (study, project or regulation). Although the Watershed Plan is intended to be an ever-evolving and flexible document we do hope to update it periodically as information, prioritizes and planning changes. For more on the watershed plan visit

Roaring Fork Watershed Plan - April 12, 2012 (.pdf)  

Roaring Fork Watershed Plan - Recommended Actions (Matrix Format .xls) 
Roaring Fork Watershed Plan - Recommended Actions (Google Docs) - for use by key participants to update status

Notable Quote
"After experiencing three of these input sessions and listening to the dialogue, I have come to understand that we are really talking about changing the culture of our relationship to water in the region. We can propose some regulatory changes that could have some impact, but the real change will be based on people having a different relationship with water and a culture of water responsibility becoming part of our regional ethic. That cannot be mandated."
                                             - Bob Schultz, meeting facilitator

Benefits of a Watershed Plan

• A structure for continued input from and dialogue between all stakeholders
• Improved community understanding, interest, and leadership in watershed issues.
• Encouragement of partnerships to identify and fund mutually beneficial projects.
• Efficient use of financial resources and effective use of agency and organizational personnel.
• Protection of riparian and aquatic resources
• Provides available watershed information and data to all stakeholders
• Collaboration on applications for major grants
• Collaboration on public outreach and education efforts
• Provides a mechanism to transfer information

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